Registration Guide 2017


If at any time you are unsure how to proceed with registration or encounter any difficulties with the registration system please contact the registrar at

For 2017/2018 Member Management System (MMS) is the registration system for ESSA.  This Q & A style document is intended to guide you through.

Q1. Who Needs to Register?
A1. Anyone involved in the club must register as a member.  This includes anyone who participates as one or more of the following:

– Active Skaters
– Officials
– Volunteers
– Coaches
Parents of active skaters under age 18 (who have not registered as active skaters themselves).

Q2. Can I register everyone in my family at once?
A2. Unfortunately you cannot register your entire family at once.  MMS has no concept of a family.  Each individual has their own unique login and must complete the registration process independently.

Q3. ESSA previously had a Family Associate Membership that covered both parents.  Does that still exist?
A3. No. Because each member must register individually, ESSA is no longer offering the Family Associate Membership.  Instead, both parents (if they are not skating themselves) will need to register as Associate Members.  Note that the Associate Member cost of $25 is half of the previous cost for the family membership offered in prior years ($50).

Q4. Where do I go to register?
A4. Follow the Register Here link on the ESSA website or go directly to

Q5. I am a new member and do not have an MMS account?  How do I get one?
A5. On the MMS Login page, select the Create Account Now button.  You will be guided through the account creation process.  Remember that you will need to create an account for each member you want to register. Once you have completed the account creation process you can login with your new credentials.

Q6. I have an MMS account from last year but I forgot my username and/or password.  What do I do?
A6. On the MMS login page, use the Forgot password? or Forgot Username or Member Number? links at the bottom of the page to recover your information.

Q7. I am logged into MMS, how do I register for an ESSA program?
A7. Click the JOIN link at the top of the page.  This will take you to a page allowing you to join Programs or Roles.  Ignore the side of the page regarding joining a Role.  ESSA is not using this functionality.  Select Join a Program button at the bottom left of the page.  You will be taken to a page asking for your Province/State and Organization.  Select:

Province/State: Alberta
Organization: Edmonton Speed Skating Association

A list of ESSA Programs will appear.

Q8. How do I choose the right program?
A8. Refer to the ESSA Program Guide.  This table should help you select the correct program.  If you are still unsure, contact the Registrar.  When you have found the correct program, click the Join button to the right.

Q9. I have figured out the correct program, how do I know when my child will train?
A9. Refer to the ESSA Program Guide.

Q10. I am now on the program’s detail page, what do I do next?
A10. You will need to agree to the Promotional Image Consent form by clicking the checkbox, and then click the Accept button.  You should be taken to a page with the option to pay online.

Q11. Am I now officially registered?
A11. You have now requested registration in a program but are not officially registered.  The registrar will review the registration.  Once the registrar has reviewed your registration AND you have paid the required fees, then you will be officially added to the program and you will receive an email from Speed Skating Canada ( with the subject line You are activated in a Program.  The message will contain your Speed Skating Canada member number.

If the registrar does not believe you have selected the correct program, you will be contacted via email.

Q11. How do I pay?
A11. You can pay online immediately (even before receiving the email that you activated in a program).  Just click the green Pay Online Now link and follow the instructions.  You can pay with a variety of credit cards.

If you do not pay immediately at registration time, you can always log back into MMS later and pay your invoice. (To access your invoice go to My Account and expand the Membership section in the Roles box.  Then you can click View/Pay Invoice).

Q12. I cannot or prefer not to pay online.  Do you have other payment options?
A12. You can also pay for your registration by mailing a cheque for the registration fee to:

Edmonton Speed Skating Association
PO Box 1110 Edmonton Main
Edmonton, AB
T5J 2M1

You must include:

  1. The registrant’s Speed Skating Canada membership number on the memo line of your cheque.
  2. A printed copy of your invoice(s).
  3. Please email the registrar ( to indicate you have mailed a cheque.

Q13. I require an alternative payment model (Jump Start, installments, etc), are there other options for this?
A13. Contact the registrar directly so alternative payment can be arranged.

Q14. Can I pay for rental skates at the time of registration?
A14. Due to the registration system’s limitations, ESSA is no longer offering club rental skate payment as part of registration.  More details regarding renting the club’s short and long track skates will be sent to all registered members.

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