2019-2020 Registration is now open!

Thank-you for your patience as we prepared for this season’s registration.

For information about programs, training schedules, and fees, go to Programs.

Registration process

  1. To register, please download and complete the 2018-19 ESSA Registration Form.

  2. Note that you have the option of either indicating that you accept the Waiver, Email Consent, Photo/Video Release, Parent/Guardian and Athlete Codes of Conduct (Yes/No) on the registration form or you can submit the signed pdf/word documents.
    1. Child Waiver
    2. Adult Waiver
    3. Athlete Code of Conduct
    4. Parent Code of Conduct
    5. Photo/Video Release
  3. For any skater under 18 years of age, there must be at least one parent listed on the form.  This parent will be required to purchase an Associate membership.  This provides insurance coverage for parents when engaging on behalf of ESSA (eg, setting up mats on ice, volunteering at events, etc).  ESSA recommends that any parent that intends to be involved with the club register as an Associate.

  4. Email the completed Registration Form to registrar@edmontonspeedskating.ca.
  5. The registrar will respond and confirm the amount owing.
  6. For Advanced and Intermediate skaters, please bring payment cheques to the next practice.
  7. For Novice and FUNdamentals skaters, please bring your cheques to the parent orientation evening on September 23rd.  You will not be able to rent skates without completed registration.
  8. Payment can be made in one full installment or two equal installments.  If you choose to pay with two installments, both cheques should be submitted at the same time with the second cheque postdated for Jan 1, 2020.

All registration questions should be directed to registrar@edmontonspeedskating.ca