2021-2022 Registration is now available!

Please read and follow the instructions below carefully. If you have any questions please contact Diane (programcoordinator@edmontonspeedskating.ca).

We are currently accepting registration for our Introductory, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Affiliate programs.  Adult long track registration will commence in the fall.


  1. A separate registration form is required for each athlete. However, if you have more than one athlete, payment can be consolidated.
  2. Refer to our Programs page to determine the correct program for your athletes.
  3. Download and print the appropriate registration form(s) for your athletes using the following links. (Intro/Novice) or (Intermediate/Advanced/Affiliate)
  4. Complete a registration form for each athlete. Be sure to select only 1 program per form. If you would like to pay for your rental skates as part of registration, select an appropriate skate rental option.
  5. Scan or take a photo of your completed registration forms and email them to Diane (programcoordinator@edmontonspeedskating.ca). You may attach multiple forms to a single email.
  6. ESSA will calculate your amount owing, and respond to your email.


Payment may be made by cash, cheque, or e-transfer.

  1. If you are paying by cash, please bring cash when you come to rent skates (see below for skate rental details). If you are not renting skates, you may drop-in with your cash payment at any skate rental event.
  2. If you are paying by cheque, please bring your cheque when you come to rent skates (see below for skate rental details). Note that full season participants have the option to pay in two installments.  If you would like to pay in installments, please bring two cheques.  The second cheque should be dated January 1, 2022.  ESSA will only accept installments if both cheques are submitted. If you are not renting skates, you may drop-in with your cheque payment at any skate rental event.
  3. If you would like to pay by e-transfer, please indicate this in your message when you submit your registration forms. You will receive instructions on how to complete your payment. Installments are not available when paying by e-transfer.


  1. Skates will only be rented to athletes who have paid their registration and skate rental fees.
  2. Sign-Up for a skate rental slot using the link below. (NOTE: We are currently only renting for INTERMEDIATE  and ADVANCED program skaters in August.  A new link with September skate rental dates will be posted later this summer when we are ready to do skate rentals for Introductory and Novice athletes).
  3. Attend your skate rental event.  Remember to bring your registration fees including your skate rental fee (if you did not pay by e-transfer), a $100 deposit cheque dated April 30, 2022 for EACH pair of skates being rented. If you paid by e-transfer but did not pay for your skate rental as part of your registration, you should also bring a cheque for your skate rental fee.