2018-19 Registration is now open!

Thank-you for your patience as we prepared for this season’s registration.

For information about programs, training schedules, and fees, go to Programs.

NOTE: The PDF forms (except the codes of conduct) are fillable.  It works best to download the form and use Adobe Acrobat to fill in the form.  There is also a Microsoft Word version of the registration form at the bottom of this page if you are having difficulty with the pdf version.

Registration process

  1. To register, please complete the 2018-19 ESSA Registration Form and email it to


If you are a returning athlete, you should have received an email regarding training group from the ESSA Vice President Tammy Currie.


If you are a new athlete, please follow these guidelines for group selection:


Reminder: unless registered as a skater, any adult (parent, guardian, caregiver) must be registered as an Associate Member to be included in the Speed Skating Canada’s and the Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association’s insurance strategy. This is important for any involvement with the club (helping with mats, at practices – on or off the ice, at meets, etc.).


  1. The club registrar will email you when your skater(s) is/are registered in a program and Parents/Guardians are registered as Associate Members. Fees will be confirmed to you by email.


  1. Fees will be due by cheque.  Full season registrants may choose to pay in two installments, but both cheques are due at the start of the season.  The second cheque should be dated January 1, 2019.

    1. At the Skate Rental/Parent Information Session on September 24th(for FUNdamentals and Novice)

    2. At the first training session (for Intermediate and Advanced skaters).  Fees will be confirmed to you by email from the Registrar.  Cheques should be made out to ESSA.

*Unfortunately, we are unable to accept online registrations at this time.

  1. Complete and sign waivers, consent forms and codes of conduct. Please bring signed forms to the Skate Rental/Parent Information Session (for FUNdamentals and Novice) or at the first training session (for Intermediate and Advanced skaters).

    1. ESSA Waiver Child (1 per athlete)

    2. ESSA Waiver Adult (1 per parent, guardian, caregiver)

    3. Parent Code of Conduct (1 per family)

    4. Athlete Code of Conduct (1 per athlete)

    5. ESSA consent form re: personal information (1 per person)

Registration Process Checklist

  • Registration form – complete and submit by email to

  • ESSA Waiver Child signed (1 per athlete)

  • ESSA Waiver Adult signed (1 per parent, guardian, caregiver)

  • Parent Code of Conduct signed (1 per family)

  • Athlete Code of Conduct signed by athlete (1 per athlete)

  • ESSA consent form re: personal information (1 per person)

  • Cheque(s) for fees

Please bring cheque(s) and signed forms to Info Session or first practice

Additional information

For more information about ESSA and the upcoming season, please see the Club Handbook


Registration process – Keri McFarlane (
Programs – Diane Anderson (
ESSA club information – Tammy Currie (

We look forward to a great skating season with you!

Registration Forms

Registration PDF
Registration Microsoft Word
Child Waiver
Adult Waiver
Personal Information Consent
Athlete Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct